The future of water

The future of water

40 40 mensen hebben dit evenement bekeken.

After our 2023 edition ‘The Future of Energy,’ that was all about celebrating the power of women in shaping the future. We now invite you to an all-inclusive (not woman-exclusive) boat tour with water role models: ‘The future is water’ on Thursday, September 19th, 2024.

In the Netherlands and in our North Sea Canal Area water is of utmost importance. For the companies in the port, but also we hope you gain a deeper understanding of the sense of urgency in terms of scarcity of drinking water. Imagine yourself surrounded by like-minded, inspiring water professionals on a boat tour.

Dorine Bosman, Chief Investment Officer, provides direction in boosting Amsterdam as a sustainable European seaport and in stimulating and accelerating the energy transition, circular activities and industries, to reduce CO2 emissions in the port and in the region.

Sabine Stuiver, Co-founder of Hydraloop, is a driving force in water conservation and circular economy solutions. With 8+ years of experience, she advocates for a water-smart society, empowering consumers and businesses.

Our panellists will eleborate on understanding the true Value of Water and highlight the importance of climate adaptation, circularity and industrial water use. How we can transition from a linear to a circular water smart society and what changes do we need to make in our investment planning and procurement processes? Which skills are needed for this transition?

A brief introduction of our panellists:

  1. Mónica Altamirano, specialist in Public-Private Partnerships and Systems Thinker is founder of ALTAMIRA, a boutique consulting firm applying systems thinking to drive the adoption of regenerative finance. With 18+ years of global experience, she is a thought leader in climate finance and resilient infrastructure.
  2. Dieuwertje Smallenburg, CEO Deep BV, an innovative survey company, specialized in hydrography, marine geophysics, UXO (Unexploded Ordenance) surveys and oceanography. We are passionate about what we do and dedicated to making a future-proof impact by providing our clients with high quality, clean data.
  3. Alice Fermont, senior advisor water management at Waternet, the current Public Watercycle organization of the Amsterdam region. With 25 years of national and international experience she is now working on sustainable water solutions. Reuse of domestic wastewater for the development of the Port of Amsterdam.
  4. Irene van der Veer, advisor watermanagent at Rijkswaterstaat. After her studies at the TU Delft, she is now working on salinization of the North-Sea Canal and effects of droughts and measure to limit its impact. She is also involved in the project of the Selective Withdrawal, a construction that is now built and will increase the outflow of saline water from the North Sea Canal.

We will share more details about this event on the TET Linked In. This event is also about the power of communities in shaping the future, and your presence is truly valued. Secure your spot by registering below.

See you there!

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Datum en tijd

donderdag 19 september 2024
14.30 − 17.00


14.30: Onboarding with coffee
15.00: Future port investments by Dorine Bosman (Port of Amsterdam)
15.10: Keynote speaker: Sabine Stuiver (Hydraloop)
15.30: Panel:
Mónica Altamirano (Altamira)
Dieuwertje Smallenburg (Deep BV)
Alice Fermont (Waternet)
Irene van der Veer (Rijkswaterstaat)
16.15: Networking opportunity
17.00: End