Innovative urban farming company


1. Who is Grovero?
Grovero is an innovative urban farming company based in Amsterdam, specializing in advanced microfarms designed for sustainable indoor farming.

2. What does Grovero do?
At Grovero, we provide cutting-edge microfarms that enable consumers and businesses to grow high-quality, pesticide-free crops year-round, directly at their premises. Our mission is making the farming of produce accessible to everyone, sustainable and user-friendly!

3. Why should ORAM members absolutely become acquainted with Grovero?
Our advanced microfarms address the growing demand for sustainable and locally-grown produce. Our team combines expertise in agriculture, technology and environmental care to deliver solutions that not only enhance urban living but also promote environmental sustainability.

By integrating Grovero’s microfarms, you – or anybody – can enjoy fresh, healthy produce, reduce environmental footprint and contribute to a more sustainable urban ecosystem!

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