New phase for Dutch H2Gate consortium as it becomes H2A

Geplaatst op: 2 maart 2022

The Netherlands – The H2Gate consortium has committed to creating a 100 percent green and safe value chain for the transport, storage, release, and distribution of green hydrogen in the Amsterdam port area and inland industrial regions.

H2Gate, which includes Evos, Hydrogenious, Hysilabs, and Electriq Global, as well as the Port of Amsterdam, has been rebranded to H2A to reflect the consortium’s new phase and to reinforce the port area’s position as the premier European hub for safe and inert green hydrogen carriers.

The consortium’s approach is unique in that it combines multiple carrier technologies to enable the safe transport of green hydrogen, making it a compelling alternative to other carrier technologies that pose inherent safety risks. Furthermore, the existing terminal and nautical infrastructure at Evos and the Port of Amsterdam are well-suited to handling this carrier-based hydrogen.

The consortium released the findings of a feasibility study in November 2021, indicating the possibility of importing at least one million tons of green hydrogen through the Amsterdam port area.

Green hydrogen
Green hydrogen is a game-changer that has the potential to decarbonize ‘hard-to-decarbonize’ industrial sectors and heavy transportation. In the coming decades, the demand for green hydrogen in the Netherlands and Europe is expected to skyrocket. To meet expected demand, the generation of green power required for large-scale hydrogen production in Northwestern Europe takes up far too much space and energy. There will be a significant deficit as a result of this. This is why green hydrogen imports will be critical to meeting Northwestern Europe’s decarbonization targets.

The consortium has now entered a new phase, in which the consortium partners are eager to continue developing and demonstrating the use of safe and cost-effective carrier technologies, backed up by concrete user case projects in difficult-to-abate transportation and industrial sectors. The consortium partners are committed to working together to achieve their common goals.