Recap of ‘The future of energy – Women leading the way’ event

Geplaatst op: 12 oktober 2023

This event was all about celebrating the power of women in shaping the future. We talked about the importance of female role models, diverse leadership and how this can have a big impact on the energy transition.

During a boat tour through the port of Amsterdam we got inspired by a story of Dorine Bosman (CIO Port of Amsterdam) about the exciting future ahead for the Port of Amsterdam. Panelists Hester van Buren (Deputy Mayor of Amsterdam), Dieuwke van Buren (CEO of Equalst), Simone Vooijs and Karen Silvius (both TATA Steel), spoke about their experiences and success within their industry, where women are unfortunately still not well enough represented today. Moderator of the session: Ellen Ruhotas (Managing Director Europe Zenith Energy L.P.).

It was also a story about authenticity and vulnerability. Two ‘superpowers’ that we often forget to use as assets, or decide to hide from the world.

A few quotes:
• “You can only be your true version when you wear your true colours”. Sandra de Bont, Votob
• “Bringing colour back to the sector.” Sylvia de Boer, Maritime Sisters
• “Do not doubt yourself.” Simone Vooijs, Director IT Tata Steel Europe
• “Together we explored a paradigm shift to: Peers x Port x Purpose x Planet.” Giulietta Cohen, ORAM & TET Energy Transition

A call to action is certain: women are still underrepresented in leadership positions, but the tides are shifting.
We plan to organise again in 2024 with all (wo)men who want to join this purpose.

Click on the link to watch the aftermovie and photos.